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The Sea Bed and My Situation

Since this is my first post on this blog, I'm going to give you, my poor, wretched reader, some super-cool 'background information' about me, so that I won't have to contextualise every post I write in the future.

I'm a writer. I write novels and screenplays. I'm married. I have three cats. I live in Falmouth. My name's Socrates. I'm half Greek. I'm the kind of dreamy, neurotic little jerk that everyone loves to love. I don't mind using contractions in my writing.

I used to live in Manchester, and now I live in Falmouth. It's a nice place. There are nice bars, nice shops, nice people. It's nice to see the sea. It's nice to be around people. It's giving me lots of great ideas for 'seriously spicy' blog posts.

I used to be a bookseller, and before that I was a recruitment consultant, and before that I sold classified advertising space and before that I was something else. But writing's best. It's as easy as thinking, as hard as making decisions.

The Sea Bed is the name of my new novel. I finished a readable draft a couple of months ago. It's a strange, large, hopefully funny book. It's the thing I've found hardest to write, mostly because, I suppose, it's more ambitious than the other work I've produced.

At the moment, some people are reading The Sea Bed. I hope to hear their opinion quite soon. I'm going to blog about my feelings and stuff. I'm going to really get to the heart of the modern situation. I'm going to seriously investigate myself. I don't really know what sort of tone this blog is going to have from now on. I'm sorry if it changes. You can email me to get in touch and suggest anything you think I should do. Feel free to do whatever you want with your life.

A good blog post should have some hidden, driving theme or message, some kind of point. The theme of this blog post is: Bad First Blog Post That I'll Look Back On In Years To Come As An Embarrassing But Endearing Starting Point.

I recently joined the gym and was inducted by a man called Ben. He listed, one by one, painfully slowly, every state in America he'd visited in his professional capacity of youth soccer coach. He'd visited maybe twenty. "Ohio, Texas, The Virginias, The Carolinas etc". It made me think, 'Try to be happy all the time, regardless of what's going on.'

I thought about finishing this entry by writing over and out, and I suppose I have, in a way.

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