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I made these images between 2012 and 2016 using Microsoft paint.


I usually make them when I don't have a long project in progress, and need an alrenative outlet for the manic creative energy which I sometimes have. Sometimes I make them when I feel depressed and as though I need some attention, in which case I make one and quickly post it to twitter. I love to draw and find the pictures funny.

The MS Paint application changed a lot with the introduction of Windows 7. Microsoft gave more options to the artist; many more brushes, a more streamlined user interface, more subtle custom colour creation. Aside from these extra options, the very quality of line it was possible to achieve became more refined, less jagged.  I don't think either version of paint is better than the other, though I do sometimes wish for the simpler times of the pre Windows XP programme. Perhaps you'll be able to see the difference in the following images.


As a sixth former, I volunteered at a preschool. One day I was asked to teach the pupils to use a mouse by experimenting with them in MS paint. I sat with each child in turn, helping them to express themselves. I imagined their lives stretching out into the future and felt proud to be enjoying a quiet moment of creativity.


I hope you like my pictures. I feel as though there must be more, but can't find any right now. I'll try and add to this collection in time. 

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