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My name's Socrates James Adams-Florou, but the name I usually give to people is Socrates Adams. I'm half Greek, on my mother's side. I'm a novelist and a film maker. I live In Falmouth, Cornwall.

My first novel, EVERYTHING'S FINE, was published in 2012 by Transmission Print. It was nominated for The Guardian First Book Award. It was translated into Spanish and published in Spain as Todo Va Bien by Palido Fuego. It was published in America by Civil Coping Mechanisms.

My second novel, A MODERN FAMILY, was published in 2013 by Bluemoose Books.

As part of film-making collective Metal Man, I co-wrote, co-directed and starred in WIZARD'S WAY, a feature film which won the London Comedy Film Festival (LoCo) Discovery Feature award in 2014. The remake rights for the movie were bought by Electric Dynamite, Hollywood actor Jack Black's production company, and a TV pilot is being developed by Comedy Central, based on the film.

Our second film, JOURNEY TO THE CENTRE OF THE MOON, is currently in pre-production. I've just finished work on a new novel, THE SEA BED, which is on submission.


I'm primarily interested in just about absolutely everything that there is and love to be alive and able to express myself in all that I do. I love to play badminton. I love to read. I love to watch films. I love to play RPGs. I love video games. I love my cats. I love my wife. I love to eat. I love to cook. I love to walk. I love to exercise. I love to write. I love to listen to music. I love to experience new things. I love to communicate with people. I love to learn. I love to watch the television sitcom Seinfeld. I love to go to the beach. I love to be encouraged and to encourage. I love to feel great. I love to laugh. I love to think of all the things I love and love to write them down. I love well-carved wood. I love all wood. I love things in their natural state. I love to open myself up to new ideas.


I'm an easy-going sort of guy, which can be annoying. I tend to be optimistic, which can be annoying. I sometimes don't do things as quickly as I should, but can, when required, work quickly. I'm annoying. It's hard to spend time with me. It's hard to not find all of life funny. I get things wrong often enough.

That's me! Just your average guy!

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